Selling Instagram Fashion Account 60k

Country of followers (majority): BRAZIL AND USA
Amount of followers: 58800
Topic/Niche: General Viral Mostly Fashion
Does it include the OG (original) email?: SECOND FORMER EMAIL ADRESS YES
Promotion methods used? Organic Just Posting (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):

I sell this account because i need to study and i can’t work account have big potential to grow every day can reach up to 300-600 new followers is good for shopify store or promotions this account is for people who have love and patience they can make big… half milion and milion followers base


Sorry what does “bump” & “Second former email address” mean? And please send handle?

Send me username ty :slight_smile:

You did not reply to me

username pls

Sorry, traveling overseas with bad WiFi. Like the handle, but you didn’t answer what does “second former email address” mean?

See my messages


@dvrio I sent you message


Sorry still traveling with bad WiFi. I think I understand the 2nd email is just an alternative email address for account. Thanks for your time. At this moment I’m not ready for your account.


Pm me username

Visit inb

Handle username please

64800 followers now

Hello handle pls

I send you message

Send me the username plz.