Domain name:
Website included?: no
Price: Best offer - no offers below 4 figures.

Description: Premium-domain name in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex niche. sold for 37,500 USD on 2015-08-23. sold for 2,765 USD on 2015-08-19. valued at 120,000 USD by estibot.

We have opened a ticket for this one.

Nice, for how much? if you don’t mind me asking. super curious.

Updated some more historic data on similar domains. Domain still available.

I am glad you removed the claim that it’s more popular than LGBTQ. :smiley: GLWS

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yup, made a mistake. Removed it. I checked 30 of the larger NGOs advocating for LGBT rights. United Nations also seem to prefer the LGBTI version.

More used LGBTI than LGBTQ. But maybe more people want to know what the acronym with Q means. Search volume is much higher for the LGBTQ version. Anyway selling LGBTI here.

Lowered the prices i accept from 5 back to 4 figures.

pumpedy, logo is also included

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