Property type: Instagram
Amount of fans/followers: 497,000+
Topic: Cosplay

This is for 3 Instagram accounts in the Cosplay niche.

Account 1: 85k followers $1000
Account 2: 126k followers- SOLD
Account 2: 287k followers $2200

BONUS: Snapchat account with 1k+ views per snap

They are all real, and active. The original plan was to build them up, and sell branded content on them, to large media buyers. I.E. Marvel, Lionsgate Films, Comicon, Crunchyroll etc. Any brand that buys a booth at comicon would be VERY happy to pay good money for these or pay for their content to be shared on them.

But the truth is, I have way to much stuff going on right now, and could use the money from them. Obviously one could make money selling shoutouts, or selling relevant things through an eccomerce site. (Toys, shirts, keychains, phone cases, the list goes on) . But these can be flipped for a lot more to the right person, or turned into a very sustainable business, producing short form branded content for companies and distributing it through the network of accounts.

The accounts also have “official models” that shout them out, and send content to the account owner for posting all the time. I have slacked on those relationships in recent months, but if you nurture them, with 10 mins a day it can create explosive follower growth again.

Please post any questions below.


Welcome to the forum James. I guess you’re one of our first beta testers! Thread approved. I have personally seen the stats/etc. This is the real owner of said accounts.

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I have dropped the price to $5k for all the accounts. This a a great deal, and only $1k per 100k followers!

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Hey, im interested. Are you selling all of them for $5k? Could I get links to the accounts?

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Will shoot you a PM now!

Hey! Really interested in buying:) may I have information on the links to check out the three accounts?

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will send you a PM with details right now

still waiting for reply from PMs, still for sale

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price reduced to $4500 OBO! Looking to sell it before I travel next week

Still for sale

need to sell ASAP, open to offers

I’d check out the urls please

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sent them in a PM to you

Price lowered to $4000 to reflect offers I have been getting outside of Looking to sell ASAP!

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The 125k account has been sold! Still selling the other 2!

what is the price for the other two?

It is in the listing, but open to offers

still have 2 accounts for sale!

open to offers!

Hey what are the accounts pls Dm me