Selling my active Animals FB Page



Country of followers (majority): South America- USA 10 and Spain 11
Amount of followers:1M and growing
Topic/Niche: Animals
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic

Description: I am selling my page I don’t have time to manage it. The page is no available for ad breaks.


Link please


ib me link and price…thanks


send me link and price bro


link and price plz


PM me link pls.


Plz upload a screenshot of the insights dashboard of the last 28 days


here we go!


Te importa subir el dashboard de insights desde el desktop, la versión mobile no tiene todos los datos, gracias



send me link and price bro


do u have eligibility for Ad Breaks?


You can check if you have eligibility here:

Thank you.


PM price and the link please. Thank´s


Please can u send me the link and price


No is not! But I have other page that I include in the deal!


Please upload the eligibilty page screenshot to understand the reason why the page is not eligible


Hi, let us know if you hace any questions plz


EDITED by STAFF here we go!


@joluar7 I had to edit out the most recent screenshot you uploaded as it displayed your page name. Please reupload it without showing that off!