Selling my Instagram - Dog Niche page - 45.8K Followers (USA premium)

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 45.8K
Topic/Niche: Dog / Doberman
Does it include the OG (original) email?:No. I have the email provided to me by when I got the page
Promotion methods used? Organic

Selling the page due to not having time to take care of it.
Actually bought it at 35K and tried reels and the engagement is crazy, some videos have over 5M views.
The audience is premium, already have a lot of people that give me permission to use their content (I will leave them with the page as well).
Also got 3 contracts that can be used for affiliate marketing.
I have not been very active on it lately.
Please no time wasters, accepting crypto as well.

Price dropped to $650! BUMP accepting offers right away.

Price dropped to $550 - Last price if you buy it today!

Price reduced to 500 - today only! Just posted a new reel, engagement is crazy

Last price $450 + fees by buyer! Waiting the offers, first come first served!

Last offer $390! Will sell it unless I get a better one today. Thanks