Selling One Product Dropshipping Store (Winning Product)!

Website: Yes
Instagram: 4,5k Followers
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Nova is a brand ready to be scaled. Huge opportunity for growth especially if you’re able to send some product to IG influencers this brand could easily scaled to 7 figures. The store has generated 3.5k in a month with little to no scaling done. Strictly organic traffic from our IG account and some paid IG page advertising. The site is currently running on a free theme with all custom content. Our product is the highest quality on the market and the only reason we know this is because we’ve bought our competitors products to see what they are shipping out. Our customers are happy and pleasantly surprised by the quality when the receive our pods. The reason for selling this brand is because I have several other brands I run that are already scaled that require my full attention. I’m looking for someone who has an entrepreneurial mindset that is ready to build a brand. Get a couple reputable IG influencers behind this product and this will easily generate 1m+ a year.

Everything on the site and the page is custom content as well.

I’m not sure if i’m allowed to post the website name here so if you’re interested let me know and i’ll send you the website link in message.

Looking forward only for serious people!

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More info thx

Yes, for domains/websites you can directly post the URL in the topic :slight_smile:


Let me know the site pls

Please send the store url

url please

url pls

I have sent you a message with the website link…

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I have sent you a message with the website link!

Send website please

Interested to see the store, please send link!

Can you send me the link of website please

Please share the URL and details by DM.

pm info

Pm info please

Plz pm more info


website first

Interested in the URL!