(Selling Pack 4 Youtube Channel) All Monetized, No Strikes or Warnings - Cheap Price, Organic and Original Cotent (5k Eligible free Gift)

Amount of subscribers: 3.7k, 3.8k, 5k and 20k - ALL MONETIZED, NO STRIKES AND ORGANIC
Country of subscribers (majority): Brazil
Topic/Niche: Gaming, Humor
Promotion methods used? (Organic/Paid/Engagement Networks/Software/Automation): Organic

:gift: :gift: :gift: :gift: Whoever buys all takes a 5k Eligible free gift channel :gift: :gift: :gift: :gift:

Description: All channels are great. All are without any strikes, notices or copyright issues.

All of them have most of the videos monetized (no music copyright issues or limitations)

When you buy you can change everything on the channel, except the 20k channel, you need to agree that all content on the 20k channel will be excluded when purchasing, the others don’t have this problem, it’s just the 20k channel!

The price is great, there are 5 channels in perfect condition for 1800 $. Yes, I sell separately, ask for information and I will contact you to negotiate.

3.7k Monetized :

3.8k Monetized -
5k Monetized :
20k Monetized :

:gift: :gift: :gift: :gift: Whoever buys all takes a 5k Eligible free gift channel :gift: :gift: :gift: :gift:

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Bump - 12k and 3k SOLD!

hi could you send a link and best price for 20k channel? thanks

Please pm links!

send links

I can buy one of your channel. Please reply. Thanks




pm me links and prices of each channel pls

the channel that had 1 m views still available?

4 channels available

okay, so how much is the one that has the 1 m views so far?

I can buy all of them
Send me links

Amigo estoy interesado en un canal por favor, puede enviarme un enlace gracias

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