Selling Premium 224k (WAS`198k FOLLOWERS WHEN LISTED) Top Active Audience with over 100 million video views & over 50k new likes in last 28 days!

Country of followers (majority): USA
Amount of followers: 198k - NOW 224k!!!
Topic/Niche: Comedy/Humour/Meme/Work
Promotion methods used? (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks): Organic


Hey everyone! So I am selling a Facebook page I’ve owned and built from the ground up. It’s one of my favourite pages I’ve ever built, with one of the best audiences I’ve ever built. It’s super active, really engaged, ad break enabled, never any strikes, never any name changes etc. The name is actually a really solid brand/community name already and has a lot going on. Brands/companies have messaged already and I have worked with a few - so the potential earnings are HUGE. I am talking real money, as oppose to “shoutouts”.

Ad breaks are earning brilliant already, most videos will get a million views with ease. 100 million video views over the last 27 days and over 50k new likes & over 60k new followers.

My only reason for selling is that I am focussing on another page I own, which is bigger & growing at a rapid rate, so I am focussing all my time on that page. I will only sell this page for the right price, as I know its worth, and longterm earnings.

I’m also selling another premium page with over 15 million video views in the last month, which is also ad enabled and very active, so please check my other listings! Happy to do a deal for both!

Feel free to message me with any questions etc

EDIT: Page now has over 223k followers & still growing and gaining views!

@Administrators Hey! Can we mark as premium please? Thanks :smile:

Pm link and best price

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Wow crazy stats. Good luck with sales!

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send link and best price

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Thanks! Looking forward to seeing how it goes

Can I get link of the page?

link please

Messaged! :call_me_hand:

Please message me page, price, and details.

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Link and price ? PM me

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Pm with link and price please

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link and best price :grinning:

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Link and best offer in pm please.

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PMed everyone!

Still taking offers, looking for a serious buyer for this page.

Has already worked with a big company on a brand deal & is already earning from ad break videos.

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Hey send handle from both page sir

Please could you send URL. How much is the page currently making? Please PM this also. Thanks!

Can you please send me link and expected price. Thanks

PM link and best offer

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