Selling Premium Domains

Selling a few premium domains, you’re more than welcome to make an offer.

AntiDepresivo at com (Antidepressant in Spanish)
Vest at tv
EthExchange at com
Ueve at com
IDYM at com
ZZUR at com
NYCHouse at com
BitcoinATM at online
BitcoinATM at UK
Waiver at Org
Additions at Org
Flight-Deals at com
Hygienic at net
TitaniumGlass at com
BettingOdds at io
NeoCons at com
SunSites at com

@Yair - How is the domain business going? Making any good money? :smiley:


Just recently sold a Bitcoin domain for $3k. bought for $150 4 months ago.
(BitcoinSwap at . com )

And had a few small sales also. I’m super busy lately that is also why I’m not active on SwapD recently

I always wanted to get into domains but just no time for it. What’s your #1 site for selling them? Sedo/Flippa/NamePros/etc.

Using as a landing page for all domains. and listing them on Sedo and Afternic.


Wow mate,
You have something that I barely have. Patience.

But selling a domain with 2800$ profit it worth the wait.
I always wanted to get into this domain business but I have limited knowledge on this field.

Maybe I could work for you for free and learn along the way :wink:

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Sorry, PM sent.