Selling reddit Account with 36,039 karma , is a member of elite top poster only private subreddits , r/popularclub and r/eliteclub and the account is 12 days old

The account has 34,215 post karma and 1,824 comment karma. The comment karma has not been built by generic comments such as “Hi/Hello” but by useful comments.
The account is close to 11 days old.
The account also hold elite memberships to top poster only private subs - r/popularclub and r/eternityclub.
The account screenshot will be sent in PM for those who are interested and it is not posted here for fear of being hacked.
The account does not have an email, so there is no way for me to get back to it , and once sold, the password can be changed by the buyer to ensure secrecy.
Looking forward to your best offer :slight_smile:

Moved to Other, good luck!

Hi ! This is for a reddit account, and I have seen reddit accounts posted under the discussion social, so shouldn’t it be under social ?

Nope! The Social Media section is strictly reserved for Facebook Fanpages, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, SnapChat, and Twitter accounts.

Anything else goes in the other category! (I do have to admit though, a few reddit posts have slipped through my hands and gotten into the Social Media category :stuck_out_tongue:)

Yeah, I am not sure, whether people will look for reddit account in other category.
That’s why I said so :slight_smile:

No worries, it’s more likely to be found here than in the Social Media category. It’d get lost in the wave of other types of accounts there, plus, Reddit isn’t exactly a “Social Media.” You’ll be okay!

Got it, Thanks :smiley:

PM me the account.

PM’d please check :slight_smile:

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