Selling Shares On 630k+ USA Page (Active & female Audience)

Hi there Everyone

You can share your post in my page huge active. And if you want to share videos then send me videos link if it work finely in my page i can share.

Tell me your offet for every shares.

Page Insight Here:

Maximum Users female :heart:

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Send price in pm :slight_smile:

Pm pricing


PM price, link and niche please. Thanks

PM price for 1 share and bundle of 30 shares. Thanks

Please contact me for the price

Check your message

Please pm the price

PM with page and starting price, please.

What s the price per share so far?


How many shares total?

1 share price 60$

Yes but what’s the total shares of the page?

How many shares you want? Slots available. No problem.

I want 50%

50% means?

PM me bro!

5 successful deal done :slight_smile: