Selling shares on my 680k page


Service type:Shares on my page
Price: Reasonable

Description: I am looking to sell shares on my page. Nothing illegal. Please pm me for details. Thank you :grin:



The page is very healthy. I’m open to long term deals if you are in a niche comparable to mine.


Moved to influence deals, good luck!


I thought that’s where I put it. Lol. Thanks though.


Tell me the price in inbox



Send the page link


Can you please message me the rates & page link?
Edit: Well, I found the page link :stuck_out_tongue: I am really interested in this if the price is right.


Hello, can I have link and price please. Thanks.


can you please send me the rates and price


Send me link and price per share?


Pm me the url please


Send page link & price. thanks


what’s the url and your price?


Hi, Can I get a link to the page? Will article links from my site work? rate?


Let me know the url and price


Link please


Send me any external site link clicks average and types of posts of this nature anything with an external link clicked.


Close this please