SELLING SHARES on my Dog Facebook Page - 470,000 Followers

Hi everyone,

I am selling shares on my Facebook dog page. It is a very active page and has over 470,000 fans.

Cost of each share on my page is $50 and of course will consider bulk discounts.

I prefer to share videos from pages but am willing to share link posts as long as they are links posted to your own page, then I will re-share that post.

I would be willing to do about 3 shares per week.

Since I am a VIP member, payments can be done via PayPal. I will only deal with Verified members.

See insights below:

Thank you.

What do you mean by a “share”? How many shares are available? Are we able to make posts if we share(s)?

See above please.

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LOL - sorry! I was just working on a project for a client who does financial planning and my brain was thinking “shares” in the context of stocks!

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Please see my other response in your other topic regarding this.

send Link please


Bumping up. Have had a couple great customers so far and ready for the next. As mentioned I’m only doing three post shares per week. Get in touch if interested.

Hey - I’m heavily interested! Send me a pm, if this is still available :slight_smile:

Link please! V.interested!

Please PM more info, thanks.

PM link please

Hi I’m intersted

I am interested, can you send me the link