Selling shares on my Facebook pages - over 2 million followers - PET NICHE (Dogs, Cats, Animals)

Hi everyone, I am selling shares on all of my pages, which are in the animal niche. I have over 2 million followers across all of my Facebook fan pages. Below are the exact numbers.

The price for each share is $50 and I am willing to share posts across all pages as long as they are in the niche of the page. For instance, if it’s a post about cats, it will go on pages in the Cat niche and animal niche, but not the dog pages.

I will share video posts from other pages but I won’t share links directly onto my pages. If you want a link shared, please post it on your own page and I will reshare the link of your Facebook page’s post.

Only willing to do about 3 to 4 per week so space is limited.

Also since I am VIP, we can do these transaction via PayPal directly. Will only work with Verified buyers.

The largest demographic of all pages are Women and from the USA.

Total cat page followers - 914,493
Total dog page followers - 487,214
Total animal quotes page followers - 321,075
Total cute animal page followers - 278,085
Total followers - 2,000,867

Here are the screenshots of insights from the DOG PAGES:

Dog Page #1

Dog Page #2

Dog Page #3

Cute Animals Page #1

Animal Quotes Page #1

Cat Page #1

Cat Page #2

The rest of the cat pages are from 10,000 followers to 80,000+ followers and have a largely USA following / female demographic.


Hi @Administrators, can I please get this listed as a Premium listing? Thank you!

We don’t believe one page warrants a premium tag (for shares). So sorry, but we have to decline. There are people selling shares on a 200m network on SWAPD :smiley:



Bookmarking this and will likely do business with you in the near future. We have some pet brands we’d like more exposure for.

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Same here. Have had a few great customers so far and ready for the next. As mentioned I’m only doing three post shares per week. Get in touch if interested.

I would like to do an order. PM?

Can you PM me the handle? FB only?

PM me the links. Interested on it

Sent to all

Still available?

Thanks again @nestageez! Smooth, easy transaction.

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I am interested please send link etc Tjanks


message me bro im interested do you accept btc?

dm your handle

Page info please?

Just PM’d you.


Can you kindly send your page link

Pm link Please. Interested.