Selling shares on my Facebook pages - over 2 million followers - PET NICHE (Dogs, Cats, Animals)

Hi everyone, I am selling shares on all of my pages, which are in the animal niche. I have over 2 million followers across all of my Facebook fan pages. Below are the exact numbers.

The price for each share is $50 and I am willing to share posts across all pages as long as they are in the niche of the page. For instance, if it’s a post about cats, it will go on pages in the Cat niche and animal niche, but not the dog pages.

I will share video posts from other pages but I won’t share links directly onto my pages. If you want a link shared, please post it on your own page and I will reshare the link of your Facebook page’s post.

Only willing to do about 3 to 4 per week so space is limited.

Also since I am VIP, we can do these transaction via PayPal directly. Will only work with Verified buyers.

The largest demographic of all pages are Women and from the USA.

Total cat page followers - 914,493
Total dog page followers - 487,214
Total animal quotes page followers - 321,075
Total cute animal page followers - 278,085
Total followers - 2,000,867

Here are the screenshots of insights from the DOG PAGES:

Dog Page #1

Dog Page #2

Dog Page #3

Cute Animals Page #1

Animal Quotes Page #1

Cat Page #1

Cat Page #2

The rest of the cat pages are from 10,000 followers to 80,000+ followers and have a largely USA following / female demographic.

Hi @Administrators, can I please get this listed as a Premium listing? Thank you!

We don’t believe one page warrants a premium tag (for shares). So sorry, but we have to decline. There are people selling shares on a 200m network on SWAPD :smiley:



Bookmarking this and will likely do business with you in the near future. We have some pet brands we’d like more exposure for.

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Same here. Have had a few great customers so far and ready for the next. As mentioned I’m only doing three post shares per week. Get in touch if interested.

I would like to do an order. PM?

Can you PM me the handle? FB only?

PM me the links. Interested on it

Sent to all

Still available?

Thanks again @nestageez! Smooth, easy transaction.

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I am interested please send link etc Tjanks