Selling Shares On My Very Active 1M+ FB Page


Hey All,

I have slots available on my fb page for some paid shares. If you want to give your own fb page a boost, shoot me a pm. Any pics you would like shared need to be in compliance with fb’s community standards, (whatever they are nowadays)

The page is humour based so the best kind of posts for the page would be good/funny memes or interesting quirky products.

So, to the demographics:

The activity:

Best performing pic of the week:

Preferred method of payment is BTC or PP.

[EDIT]… I have edited this post because i am no longer sharing website links. I can only share pictures or videos from FB.



İf u sell this page pm me


I am interested on shares from my page to win fans
Is it possilble?


And pleas give me the link


The page is not for sale Wizat, sorry.


Can you please pm me the page link? Also, can I get some more insights on the engagement? I would love to buy at least 10+ posts if it all works out. (Payment - PP)


Pm pls


Please send me link. Very interested. Thanks.


First successful shares conducted via our checkout! Thank you and good luck with more sales!


Please PM details


Send me a link from your page. Very serious and interested


Another one successful share. Thank you :slight_smile:


Thank you


Intreated details please


Interested inbox


More satisfied users with the service. Thank you @Mogwai.


Thank you too!


Can we please see some other latest post activity, reach - clicks. Customer review is welcomed as well.


Hi Nova.

I have page reviews turned off so i can’t help you there. I can show you the last 12/15 post reach as a screenshot here.


Hey, thanks for the prompt reply. However I meant customer reviews from People Who purchased shout via SWAPD.