Selling Shares On My Very Active 1M+ FB Page


No problem, I’m not sure if i can provide that for you i’m afraid. I have a few positive transaction credits on my profile if that helps. I will say though, any shares i do are permanent on the page and will get at least 30 minutes at the top of the page before i post anything else. I’ll PM you the page and you can check it out if you like fella.


@Nova i am one of the buyers and i am really satisfied with the share @Mogwai did it the right way and the page reach is really good thanks alot


I found the page, no worries. It looks great.
Again, I meant members of SWAPD Who purchased shout on your page to write their review here.


Thanks. What kind of post, photo, video, or Web post?


it was a video share


Thanks for the comment @onecool Much appreciated.



How much likes are added in average if I’ll want to promote my Funny Sarcasm Page with 1 post?



Can you PM me the link @Yair1238? I can’t make any guarantees on how many likes you could get or how well the share will do. I’ll look for a pic/vid that i think will do well on the page and the rest is up to the fb gods unfortunately. Or you can choose what you want shared.


Interested promoting my site can you pm please?


PM me the page link please.


Hello, can you pm the page please might be instrested. Thank you.


PM the page link. Interested!


Hi there,

Could you send me the link of the page? I am definitely interested!



One more successful transaction. Thank you for using SWAPD.


very interested plz PM


I’ll try one, and if it goes well I’ll do more. Can I get a special price for the 1st? I can pay via PayPal


Hey buddy can you please send me link from the page, Im interested for doing business with you


I’m interested! PLS PM


Please provide page link


I want to buy share for my ecommerce