Selling Shares on US Top 1.6M Fan Page Network

Just came back from a posting hiatus, page is still killing it reachwise. Only booking a few weekly slots!

Pages are best for those with Ad Break videos and memes.

Insights, Countries/Demographics

1st Page - 1.1M

2nd Page - 236K

3rd Page - 212K

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Send page please


Page link please

Page link please

@MisterNiche I’m interested

can you send me link ?

Page link please

Pm me

Link in pm? Is one slot available to buy?

can you send me url ? i can pay via btc if page is ok

Bump! Updated thread with more pages.

PM link to page, pls.

PM me please!

Please could you send links, thank you!

Send me the link, interested.

Link please

Link please


send page link