Selling shares on Very Active IG Page


I’m selling shoutouts on my very active GTA related Instagram page. the page has 115k followers and gets over 50k reach every post ( I don’t know how good it’ll go for a commercial, but that’s the stats of normal posts )


Post for 24 hrs with a link in bio = $70

Story = $20 ( 6-7.5k reach )

Putting your page at the description of a post. for example, I’m posting a photo/video related to GTA, and write “Follow @blabla for amazing content” or whatever you’d like.

1 post = $10
5 posts = $40
10 posts = $75

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Hello. Do you have any insights from previous paid stories on your page?
Also, can you please provide your instagram handle? Thank you.

Also interested in insights from previously paid posts if possible

still available? if yes can you show demographic

Still available for this?

Still available.

paypal available?
If yes, PM me



Pm sent

You didn’t message me

Keen to set something up I have a car page I just started. @mnpgtr might try a test run to see if your followers like that content

Still available


Please DM me.