Selling SIX fanpages with the price of ONE (Cheap)

Property type: Facebook
Amount of fans/followers: Around 500k total
Country of followers (majority): USA,Spain/Others
Topic/Niche: News/Sports/Entertainment
Did you use automation/engagement networks/tricks to build up the activity?: No
Price: 500$

Description: I am selling SIX fanpages that are not very active but if properly managed can bring very good income.

5 of them are regarding Real Madrid players, and the other one is for News/Viral stories.

Contact me for more information.

Hi interested in buying all of them, can you send me the URL’s please

url and insights please

URLs and insights please

Please pm links and insights

pm me all the details

url and insights please

iam interested please send me the link…

Hello, how many likes has the news page? Also how many likes are from T1 ?

hi iam interested where are your fans located?

price and insights about the news/viral fb page please

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