Selling some OG Instagram @s

I’m offering some OG Instagram usernames for sale, these usernames have HUGE potential growing a stat, and can also be used for a lot of niches.

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one letter username ?

Unfortunately I’m not selling any 1 letter usernames as most of them are owned by Instagram employees :eyes:

You can’t ask for POF, however you can choose to reveal the usernames only to ID verified people.
Also I would recommend adding the usernames into the correct spot in your listing unless it’s a huge list.


It’s not a huge list, but I’d prefer to not post them publicly.
But I will take your recommendation and reveal the usernames to verified members, thanks.

Don’t worry, the usernames won’t be public, they will only be visible to Administrators and VIP members. Just wanted to help, good luck with sales. :slight_smile:

Please dm me list

Replied with the usernames over pm.

handles please?


Handles pls :wink:

Handles please


vouch bought many OG’s from pitbull offsite :+1:t2:

Could I have the list?

Handles please

Pm me list please

pm handles, thanks

Pm handles thanks

Send the list!