Selling the No.1 Instagram gambling handle



Property type: Instagram gambling related handle
Price: $50k


Screenshot warning!

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Pretty nice gamble related handle. Will mark premium.


In my mind I was like “if this is the handle I think it’s massive” and it was, and wow haha good luck with sales! Amazing name


I’ve edited your post so it’s less likely for someone to find it, you gave away too many details. If someone is interested, they will PM you or ask you to PM them.

Thank you!


I think we can all tell what’s the handle.


Not any more mr. wise guy.


Please pm me the handle


Please pm handle


@Gambler - I didn’t approve your posts as they weren’t PM’s. You tried to post the handle here.


got 2 offers, but looking for a bit more.


Can you send me the details


Final bump. will close tomorrow night. thanks guys!


Please DM handle


Please PM handle.


done. please close this offer. thanks!

closed #17