Selling Tumblr account 64k followers

Hi guys, I sell my Tumblr account because I will don’t have the time to maintain it up soon

Amount of fans/followers: 64,111
Country of followers (majority): USA major part, Brazil and Russia
Topic/Niche: Anime gif aesthetic
Did you use automation/engagement networks/tricks to build up the activity?: Only use #
Price: $550


(last 7 days, 4 591 notes, 499 new followers, 64 114 followers)

For more informations, send me a pm
I can send other screenshoot if someone want

What’s account name?

Account details and best price. Immediate purchase

Still available!:wink:

You never sent me the account name/url

Hi, I’ve send you twice account name/URL look at your pm (maybe I do it wrong but I think not) I will try again if you hadn’t received

Little update : account still available and subscribers are rised at 68k(and it will be rise higher soon) of course, the price stay the same as before

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