Selling Twitter: 13 - 18 million impressions every 28 days - 4K per day RTs



This is a liberal / progressive / feminist / Democratic Twitter account for sale with unusually high interaction.

Immediate ability to get your tweets in front of a global market not only through Twitter but also through publication of stories from top name, high volume publications, newspapers & television outlets that pick up tweets from this account on a regular basis.

Hundreds of well-known newspapers, magazines & media outlets have used tweets from this account as the centerpiece of news stories around the world including People Magazine, the Washington Post, Time Magazine, Newsweek, Fox News, Esquire, The Austin Statesman, Vogue, US News & World Report, Glamour, Sputnik, India Times, RT, READER.GR, CNN Money, Raw Story,, Mediaite, The Mirror, The Guardian, Twitchy, Hollywood Life, Huffington Post, The Inquisitr, college newspapers + hundreds of other publications and media outlets.

This week alone, tweets have been picked up by People Magazine, The Inquisitr, Twitchy, Raw Story and an online publication out of Greece.

The account has background discussions with numerous high profile individuals, receives invitations to special influencer calls, is regularly interviewed and participates in University research / publications on social media influence.

Some screen shots below to show demographics: mainly women in the US. Have never done regular follow back. A program to increase followers would be fairly simple and easy. I have been more interested in getting the tweets out to the public. Impressions every 28 days varies from 10 - 20 million. Lots of action as you can see from the screen shots.

Glad to provide any details regarding source, methods of obtaining and posting content. Also, willing to negotiate for continued labor from me as the account transitions.

This is a fantastic account if you want to have an IMMEIDIATE ability to influence millions of people.


Hi send me your twitter username,