Selling Verification/Username Change Business [High Profit Potential]

What are we selling?
We are selling the ability for you to verify people on Instagram and Facebook. We are also selling the ability for you to complete username changes on the platforms. The business we are selling will come with access to a Facebook Media Partner Portal. The portal we’re selling is a brand new portal that was recently acquired.

How does it work?
We will hand over access to the Facebook account that contains access to the Facebook Media Partner Portal. It is then up to you to find clients, as we will not hand over any of our recurring clients. For reference, verifications start at $2000.00 and username changes start at $2000.00 but can go up to as high as $5000.00+. And believe me, this is a seller’s market. The amount of demand there is for these services is incredibly high.

Expected income:
Modestly, you can expect anywhere from 15-20k USD per month from having a portal. If you’re smart (and listen to our advice/coaching) and you play this out for the long haul, you’ll have your portal indefinitely and will consistently make money over the years. Don’t try and recoup all of the income immediately. You’ll just get it banned.

DM with your offer. Price is starting at 25,000 and will work on an auction basis, but we reserve the right to sell to anyone we please - regardless if there is a higher bid.

After the sale is complete, we offer no guarantee for how long the portal is to last and/or how much money you will earn. This is because it is completely out of our hands at that point. You will receive 1 hour of coaching over voice, you can then ask any questions you have in this session. You will understand completely inside out how/why everything works. And we will tell you how to earn your money back (and then massive profits) in a controlled manner. Again, we take no responsibility and offer no refund if you get your portal banned.


Sheesh this is amazing


Vouch for this user. Claimed handles and knows what they’re doing!

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Don’t think this is allowed to be sold on here as both tutorials/guides and Facebook accounts are prohibited on Swapd but I might be wrong though.

Checked with swapd admin @Alpha before hand :slight_smile:

Just wasn’t sure as I have seen Media Portal listings being taken down in the past. Good luck then! :slight_smile:

thank you!

Currently 1 offer over the asking price

This isn’t a tutorial/guide? It is a account with portal access. We generally do prohibit the sales of FB accounts, but this is a special case.


@PepsiMayo - I hate to rain on your parade here, but your last 10 tickets all failed, and they were all related to what you’re selling here. If there is something wrong with the panel you’re selling, you need to be upfront about it.


Indeed, those tickets were pending and then eventually fell through as that portal was suspended (taken away from us). We have acquired a new portal and are therefore selling that one. Hope that’s the transparency you’re looking for mate! @Swapd

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Thank you for clearing that up. So the current transactions you have pending are getting done via the new panel?

The verifications we have pending are being submitted through a separate portal.

The name changes we have pending, I’m awaiting correspondence from the buyer if they want us to resubmit with the new portal or not.

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Thank you.

Have updated the post to include additional info

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Are you giving reps names with this as well? You need to have a rep in order to submit something

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You need active representative from facebook to approved your request most of case without representative your request was not approved for verification

We have this

Its portal from which country im looking For gulf country