Selling Verified Instagram + Verified Facebook Page Bundle with OG email (Price Dropped)

Property type: Instagram + Facebook
Why is it unique?:
Price: Best Offer

Description: I want to sell verified Instagram (22.5k Followers) + verified Facebook page (37K Followers)

With Original Mail Account!

DM for username


Username plz and price

Handle thanks

Dm price & username

Ready to buy.
What is the Handle?


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WOuld you be interested in exchanging a verified instagram for 4 verified TRILLER accounts?

Details pls

Would you be open to a trade for a account? That I would sell for the same price and could be worth that much. It has more followers to 53.5K. All Real and Natural. I started this page from scratch on my own. Strong audience for statistics. Please PM me for more details.

If interested it could only be the Instagram.

I willing to buy

Please send usernames