SELLING VERIFIED TIKTOK +optional name change servce

Selling Verified TikTok Page

Just selling for the tick -low number of followers + no posts

The username can be changed currently + I am aslo offering an optional name change service too on the account to an inactive name of your choice

Accepting Transferwise or Bitcoin

Great verified account!

What’s the difference between your account for $5k and other verified accounts which are for sale for $2k and below?


Good luck buying for 2k

No it’s not… I’ve never seen a verified tiktok sell for over $2k unless it’s a stat.


Even verified IG‘s sell for less ($4k). You‘re lucky if you get $2k.


No difference. For 2K also you can get your own TikTok verified , or even more lowest if you know the right buddy

Maybe he doesn’t know the market price


5k for that ? A lil too much


The account includes any username of your choice!