Selling Website Game

Domain name:
The website included?: Yes
Price: Minimum 60k USD

Description: Hey, I am looking to sell my .io game. The reason I am doing that is because I want to invest money in other businesses.

The game generates around 3-4k USD a month from ad revenue and In-game purchases. The game does not require anything new to be added, only new skins if needed (which is a very easy task). Send me a message if you are a serious buyer that is interested.

Oh wow, this looks pretty nice :smiley: Good luck with sales.
Are you the developer of this?

If you PM me some screenshots of stats/earnings I can mark your listing premium.

I own the game with a friend of mine, he is the coder. I take care of promotions, come up with game ideas, I talk with the skin designer and manage our discord server.

I did :slight_smile:

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While I can’t verify things fully from the screenshots, things look OK enough for a premium tag.

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