Selling Website + Google AdSense Daily Earning 6$-8$

Domain name:
Website included?: Domain , Premium theme , Ranked Keywords , AdSense
Price: 2000$

Selling my site that is earning 6$-8$ daily with AdSense it was earning 600$+ a month before 2 months but i don’t have time work on it so that i have lost some visitors you can increase visitors fast by doing little work daily, all traffic is from search engine usa visitors are on 3rd for further details please contact me or ask any thing i will provide you all reports of the sites

Could you send me the URL pls

PM me the URL

Url plz, and will you sell the adsense account too???
Or just the site??

Please, send me the address of the site and all the necessary info about the web site. I am very interested in buying your site.

If it’s still relevant, would be interested to know the domain name.
Also assuming this is content based, would be happy to understand how much time you invest in creating such content.

PM me the url.

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