SELLING Youtube account subs 34k 24m views

Amount of subscribers: 34000
Country of subscribers (majority): USA, Indien
Topic/Niche: Stars Instagram Snapchat fails
Promotion methods used? Organic

Hello, I am selling my account here. It was created in early 2017 and has brought me over 14,000 usd. In total he had 24m views. In October 2018, the monetization was removed. due to videos with mia khalifa. I have deleted almost all videos. since then no interest to do something new. A few weeks ago, I re-enabled a few unlisted videos and had over 2m views. As soon as you upload more videos you can make good money. all videos of the monetization in the way are deleted. you can apply again.

Payment only via paypal.

Please Pm me URL and price

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PM me link and info . Thanks

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Hi can you send me the link, thanks!

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want to sell fast!

maybe 300 let me see the link

most I would do would do would be 350

Please PM me a link tot he channel ty!

without the I have uploaded a new video, the channel is currently receiving many views. 100k per Day! it’s getting bigger every day. for monetization can apply. 300 is to low sorry

please PM a link to the channel

I wrote you

link didnt work

Now it works👍


Send Channel Name please.


Can you DM me Channel Link and Price please.


price and link