Separating Social Media Category into subcategories


Hi everyone,

I hope you had a good weekend. I was just browsing through the social media category and sometimes I still struggle a bit to determine which listings are most relevant to me and which are not. Ideally I want to be able to do this as quickly and efficient as possible.

I am not so interested in instagram accounts and was thinking maybe more people are focusing on a specific social media platform. Since “Social Media” is by far the most active category would it make sense to have subcategories like “Facebook” “Instagram” “Twitter” “Other”?

Maybe i am wrong and this isnt useful at all. Let me know your thoughts please.

Another question i asked myself is if the tagging system could be used for tagging the niche of the page. e.g. if the page is about fashion, the page gets a “fashion” tag. If i am interested in fashion i will more likely click, if i am not interested i will not waste my time.

Just a few thoughts.


We have plans in place to separate social media into categories, however, once the site picks up. No reason to create a bunch of sub categories when you have 4-8 new topics per day.

The tagging system is a good idea, we will consider it.
Thank you