[SERVICE] Blue Verify Your FB Page and IG

Verify your FB page, contact me if you are interested.

Update: verify IG accounts too.


The service is paused.

Will open a new topic soon.

Thank you.


İn how much time you verified thame and how much is price for +100 diferent pages

How much time and what’s the price to verify just one page?

Whatz the price

check pm

Price please

Replied all!

Update: verify IG accounts too.

can you pm price details please

I am interested, PM me the details.

Pm me details please.

Pm for instagram verification please

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Time and Price
and also terms and conditions please

Interested, DM price and time

Sent to all.

Please pm me instead of replying on the topic.

@Swapd as you say this is verified how did you verify this is real and that it works?

If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay for it. It’s that simple. We’re an escrow, we hold the funds until the service is complete.

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how much for ig verified

You got me interested, man! Haha

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Can you please tell me price ?