[SERVICE] Get unpublished/deleted Facebook pages back (26/05/2018 update)

We have a way right now to help you with unpublished and deleted pages. It does work and swapd admins can confirm.

PM me if you are interested.

We have 3 successful cases so far.

Update: 10 successful cases now.

Update: 30+ successful cases.

26/05/2018 Last chance getting page back. Will close soon, PERINATALLY!!

**DISCLAIMER FROM STAFF: Due to the nature of these services, SWAPD will not be held responsible for the longevity of your unlocked property. While this service has a 100% success rate and no properties have been deleted, there is no way to know what will Facebook do down the line. What we’re saying is, we can’t be liable for things out of our control. Facebook is a risky business, if your wallet can’t take this risk, please do not proceed.


Hiii. I have sent you a message. Please check. Thanks

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Whats the price ?


I have several pages. Please tell me more and price? Will it remain published in the long run?


Interested ! Can you please tell me how does it work and how much will it cost (in PM). Thank you

Price, thanks.

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We had our network of over 50million fans unpublished/deleted. 95% of the fans from USA/UK/Canada. If you really can get them published, we are willing to pay big money…

When you say deleted, do you mean pages where you can’t even search for them anymore because they’re completely gone?


How would one deliver the url of the page to you if it’s deleted? I have a couple of pages I would be interested in getting back, but I have no no url or any other record for them.

Oh that’s too bad. Did you keep any email that FB sent to you? Like page comments notification?

Update: 10 successful cases now.

The queue is a bit long, first pay first serve.

Im interesed for that. PM im waiting for you

Very Interested! Can pay straight away- can you send me the price please.

Update: 30+ successful cases till today.


I’m interested, please send me the price.

Tho I didn’t do a deal through Vincent, this thing is 100% working.
Great job.


I’ve orders in bulk, tell me the prices please.


I am interested,
What is the price??? I have 4-5 fanpages with a total of 1m+ fans.
The problem is that I can’t even see them anymore on my dashboard as Facebook deleted all of them recently.
Can you get those ones back too???

Hey Vincent

what is the price?

Also, I have a friend with deleted pages about politics. Do you manage them also?