Share on 105M fans - Akon, Ludacris, The Game, Charlie Sheen.. 350USD

Facebook verified celebrity page shares for your posts!


Akon 50M fans
The Game 8M fans
Sean Kingston 9M fans
Lil twist 4M fans
J holiday 3.5M fans
Ludacris 19M fans
Bow Wow 7M fans
Charlie Sheen 5.5M fans

Price for 1 share on all of these together 350USD!!!
Limited slots.


Let me get this straight, a share to 85+ million followers for only $350? Sounds like the deal of a lifetime!

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Yes, we have some free slots, so it’s as cheap as it gets :slight_smile:

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If my math is correct, that’s paying 1 USD per share on a 243,857 fans page (350 times!)

If you have a video, that has gone organically viral, these shares are great. Want to try your clickbait IA stories? Allowed too!

btw @swapd @Alpha there was a mistake at first in the topic, saying Ludacris has 3M fans, but he has 19M. So it’s ~105M fans in total not 85M :slight_smile:

How much for post not hidden from timeline?

@nova Let’s keep this topic related to this special deal only.
For more celebs and other requests PM me

This shares works for monetized videos with adbreak?

…And the cheap shares are gone.
They went real fast and we plan to do this again. If you want to try out, you can PM me and join the queue for the next time we’ll be offering cheap shares.

I’m really interested in this bro

Is this available?

Hi, is this on Instagram? What kind of content can be shared? Can I promote myself as a social media promoter for instance? Thank you!

Im interessted in this deal, can you PM me?

This is for Facebook. On IG we have niche pages

Snoop Dogg available

Tom services still available?

Yes, but we stopped the single shares for now as it is too time consuming to manage them. PM me for monthly packages at highly discounted price.

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What price is this?

i’m interested, details please.

Please send more info. 100% interested.