Share on 105M fans - Akon, Ludacris, The Game, Charlie Sheen.. 350USD

Send info and links here as well.


Cheap share 25USD for share on 3M verified page

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Hi @toms I have a female YouTube channel and would like to buy some shares, please message the details and how would we proceed.

Greatly Appreciated, Thank You!

Can you shoot me the link for this, if it’s still $25? Much appreciated.

Can you share a link for this? Thanks!

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is this still available?

@toms send me the link of the 3M page

Please share the facebook page link for 25$ per share and for monthly plan too…

Please send me your best price on a monthly package. I would be interested in one share to test and if we can both make money, then hallelujah!

I would be looking to post MMA/Fighting articles, images and videos but mainly articles for right now. Ad breaks videos should be coming soon.

Thanks man and talk soon!

-Rob Davis

Are you still doing this? Please send details.

if this is still available, please let me know

Are you still doing this? Please send details.

Do you still have access to the shares? If so, what’s the current pricing?

Ready to make some moves.


im interested bro send me more info also do you accept btc as a payment method? and are those pages really active?

Also would like to buy shoutouts on IG if you have big USA IG accounts

Still available? If not, what is your monthly quote?

Do you still have access? Plz PM me of so, very interested

Interested. Pls send details

Interested. Please send details

Is it still available?