Shares for sale on 30 million followers

Hi guys, today I am going to put up for sale shares in more than 32 facebook pages that together have 30 million followers. :eye:

It is a good opportunity to reach a very high amount of people in good price. For only 30 USD, your content will be shared on all pages!! and if you buy more than s 3 shares, you will receive a special discount. :zap:

If your content is good, you will get very good results.

The audience is mostly mexican and latin american. :mexico::argentina::colombia::us:
I can share videos, monetized videos, images, links, and more.

To receive the links send me PM.

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Interested. Pls send me the links.

I’m also interested. Please send your FB links so I can check which content would be good for shares :slight_smile:

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PM list!

pm me details

pm me list please?

Pm sent

Send me message please

Pm pages

Pm sent


Pm sent

niche of the pages ??

Links please…

Bro I’m interested to buy
check inbox

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links please

Link please

PM pages pls

link plz

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