Shares on 1Mil Follower Premium Page

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Why dont you try posting better content instead of complaining?


Link please

I don’t see where is a problem? I didn’t complain about that my content is not sharing enough? If nobody shares it then is a problem with content, not page. But if you have 1 300 000 likes, and getting 10 000 views, something is wrong with the page.

try sharing bad content on one of your pages, it doesnt matter hoe many likes page has if content is bad it wont get reach


@toms. This video I shared had 5,5m views(without any paid sharing).

audiences differ. you cant share pranks on mom pages. pranks on related pages will blow up however. try content appropriate to audience and based previous succesful posts he has on that page


I think there is no point to disscus. I know what do you trying to say. His page name and content is general, no specific niche, everything can fit and everything can be wrong audience. Before few month I took celebritly sharing(that is what you are talking, wrong audience), but I was happy with views, didn’t watch numbers of sharing.

ive done a fair amount of shares on lots of different pages and the only problem with low reach is wrong content. some pages are dead, but this one does not look like it. before sharing on a page, check what type their top posts were

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send me link please

Send me link

I’m back doing these, price is now lowered as well!

Also including shares on 127k page no extra charge!

Hi, Are you open To video sharing ?

As long as it follows Facebook guidelines, I’ll approve before a transaction

Yes. Please Inbox me details about the prices for the video sharing

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send me url from the page

Hi - can you please send URL?

Interested, please send me info :slight_smile:

Hi, interested please send me info Thanks