Shares on 400k + luxury Facebook page

Country of followers (majority): Usa
Amount of fans/followers: 425,840
Topic/Niche: luxury
Promotion methods used? Ads (Organic/S4S/Follow Unfollow/Engagement Networks):

Description: selling shares on luxury Facebook page, our Instagram also has 1.3m if you’d like a feature on both!

Will offer INSANE prices for holiday season! Please comment below and let’s DEAL

Moved to Influence Deals.

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I meant to do that, sorry!


Can you share these types of FB pages or websites?

Gaming site
Christian Media FB Page
Netball FB Page
Tech FB Page

Please let me know which one would benefit the most.

Your free to send payment link with answer.

Thank you!

Tech fb page for sure!

Hey Pm me please

Send me the price for Facebook and Instagram together and Url please

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Vvip is name on both pages

For two, one Share each $100
2 shares on each $200

3 or more on each $40 each

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