Shares on Hollywood celebrity pages 450M fans - January HUGE discounts!

send me the links

Pm celebs please. Im currently building a spotify playlist would it work with that? To get followers? Serious inquiry.

Pm me the celebs please

Please send me names/links of celebs available and exactly what you mean by the min order of 15k. Thanks :slight_smile:

Pm more info

Please Pm me more details about pages and celeb. Thank you.

Could you send a pm with the available pages and prices breakdown per celeb? Also, how many shares will be included in the $15k budget? Thanks!


Please PM me the list of fan pages you can share on, and price for each share per page. If it is different price per page?


please pm details


Hey, can you send details please

Interested please PM details.

Thank you

Interested. Please send details. Thanks

Hey, can you send details please

Interested Plz pm pages details

Hello, please PM me with details. I am interested

Are you guys Alliance or a different company?

PM sent to all.