Shares on Hollywood celebrity pages 450M fans - January HUGE discounts!

PM details.

I do not PM details for random people.

If you are interested in the service, send me a PM yourself, stating:

  1. What you are looking to share
  2. Your monthly budget for this
  3. What is the goal of these shares
  4. If you have tried any celebrity shares already, if so - which and how were the results

Hey Tom, I work for a well established software development company.

  1. Content related to custom software development in order to generate more leads.
  2. Depends.
  3. Generate more leads.
  4. Never tried.

Please send me content examples in Private Message.

You need viral content, otherwise FB will kill reach for the share.

Links and prices for each, please.


PM me price per share video on fb page. Im interested

Please send me the list and the price.

  1. I want to share youtube video music
  2. The price depends on post performance
  3. The goal is to gain views / comments / likes on the videos

I want to test before to buy bulk.

Can you PM me and tell me the prices and more details

Send me all links on message

check my message please …

Pm details, very interested.

pm me details very interested.

Is this still available!?

PM details of the deal. Thanks

Pm details please.
What dates are available? What times of day? Thanks

please PM me :slight_smile:

Would love to know details.
Please pm

please let me know the details