Shares on Hollywood celebrity pages 450M fans - January HUGE discounts!

Cheap shares on 3M verified page available. 20USD per share.

Send me a PM, lets get a deal going

20usd one share

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Pm list please

Tom has disappeared…

I usually just respond to private messages and don’t check the topic much. Send me a message, I’ll let you know the details.

page link

Cheap shares on 3M verified page available. 20USD per share.

Please pm me

Send me

Please pm me

Are you still doing this? Please send details.

These are still going. If you have a budget of at least 15k usd per month, send me a PM for more details


Is this still being offered?

Yes, we have monthly packages. Lots of celebrities, but need to have at least 15k usd per month budget.

Hi, I’m interested in this service. Can you PM me? Thanks!

Pm me details please

Very interested. Please PM me details!

16k usd minimum spend per month. 16k usd will get you 1 share per day for 30 days on select celeb pages with about 100M fans.

No test posts, no one time posts. If you want to see the statistics, follow the celebrity pages and after 24-48h viral posts will start appearing in your newsfeed. You can check the stats and message me once you are ready to spend at least 16k usd to push your content to the maximum!


Hello. I am interested!! Who are the celebrities?