Shares on Hollywood celebrity pages 450M fans



Pm details please I get shares on some celeb pages hopefully this maybe a better deal


Do share details we are interested


can I share links
can we target only US, Canda Australia ?
what is the percentage of these fans over the 450M ?
and please send me pages list.


Pm me more details please.


PM me for more details. Im interested


PM me with more details please


Can you send over info? Thanks


more info please?


Please share details. Regarding $15K order minimum, how much is the price per share? I guess it would be different for each celeb. You could send me in DM. Thank you.


please PM details and analytics so we can back into these prices


Okay, can you pls tell me more


pm me details please




Hello can i have the list plz and the price table. Thnx


Could you send me pm with the celebs pages?


Please PM me the accounts of the celebs :slight_smile:


Pm me a link pls! Pls confirm again price per share and whats average click per link share?


Pm details



Can you please share the details pls.


Do you have a price for link/share ? Pm, please - and tell me where it will be shared. thanks