Shares on Hollywood celebrity pages 450M fans



Pm with details, price and guaranteed number of shares and reach.


Hello, please PM me with details. I am interested and make sure add contact info


Hey please send more details and pricing! In 10k $ exactly where you will post?


Do you work on a revshare model? Let me know. High quality site.


More info please. Cheers


plz page list and prices


PM Details plz


PM please details, celebrity list and price table


PM me for more details. Im interested


PM details please. Thanks


Please PM me the list of fan pages you can share on, and price for each share per page. If it is different price per page?



please pm me details very interested.


please pm me details.


Send details please very interested


Interested. Please send pm.


Hi there interested in this, could you send me the pages you can share on? Thanks


PM with details please


PM sent to all!


PM details please. Thanks


Hi ,

I have some products videos I want to share,
But 10k is too much without Paid test:

What If I want to share one post on one celerity page to see its performance .

How much would you charge me … I am serious and I can pay by either paypal or credit card what ever convenient to you.

Here are the two videos I would like to share :slight_smile: