Shopify Dropshipping Store $104k Total Revenue

Selling one of my baby’s because I no longer have time to run it as I’m busy with multiple other stores.

Launched this store last year around March and did over $100k the first 30 days and then scaled down. It’s in the beauty niche and the majority of buyers are females.

Haven’t ran any ads on it since around August of last year but still generates 100% organic sales from SEO.

Honestly I have no idea where the sales are coming from exactly but I came to a point where I had to refund all orders around $1000 worth because I didn’t have time to fulfill them or handle customer service for them.

You can see in the screenshot below, from Feb-March it has done $776 revenue and I have not touched the store or done anything to it since August. That’s over $500 net with 0 work involved.

Link pls


I won’t be disclosing URL but can answer any questions regarding the store, it’s a one product store.

How do u expect ppl to buy if if ur nor sending a link to the shop

The product is what sells not the shop, you can create the store in 1 hour it’s nothing special lol. If you have any questions about the store or product I can answer them without disclosing the product itself.

Zero what ur refering to is a business which has low barriers of entry. Rhe product if not patnened is not worth it to krrp it such disclosed… ur choice but anyone that has a logic sounds would never buy it prior to seeing what their buying

Good luck

Please send me the URL. Thanks.

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