Shopify Dropshipping Store Insane Potential!

Domain name:
Price: $2500

Description: I’m selling my shopify dropshippimg store. Done $1500 in sales mainly off one product. All from instagram promotions. Insane potential. I’ll help you with ways on finding winning products and give you a list of the best instagram influences to buy promotions with. Site is down at the moment but can renew it if there are serious buyers. Also comes with the stores instagram @keytrendyshop (30k followers). Any questions please feel free to ask. Might also build custom stores for people of your intrested :slight_smile:

Interested. Please PM me with some more insights.

Still for sale

Taking highest offer^

Why the site is down?

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Haven’t paid monthly shopify fee

Insane potential yet you haven’t paid the Shopify fee? Do you know how this looks?



Meme material

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Reason for selling? If site is so good why hasn’t it been paid for + where’s the Instagram gone?

And this is why I posted my big rant the other day lol if the store was doing well, it would never go offline!


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