Short IG Handle with Insane Clothing/Streetwear Potential

Pm me more details.

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Handle please?


Can you please PM me the handle? Thanks

Verify ID bossman. Current offer $25K

Pm bro

Let’s negotiate if this is still available

PM @ please, thanks

Verify ID both of you guys.

I can’t now

Why not?

Besides if you’re offering $100 on other threads I’m not going to negotiate a $25K offer.

I don’t have time for this, why wouldn’t I bid $100 for a thread offering low price.

Your starting price is 20k is it worth it?

I don’t know what I’m negotiating I will evaluate and bid either higher then the first bidder or closer or lower.

I’m here for some serious talk, if you’re not ready for business I’m out

No point bidding lower it’s an offer from an established company. Sent it through PMs but regardless not expecting a reply like every other person who pressed me.

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Thanks the user name is short and in hot demand sorry not what I’m looking for right now

No worries.

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PM !

PMed you

Pls pm handle.

WI already did.

Pm handle