Shout Out / Promo from Famous Rapper IG Account ! Account followers include Gary Vee, Cardi B & more

Hello I will promote your brand on a very popular Instagram page. This page is followed by many major celebs and has a large following of over 200K followers with great engagement. please pm us for more information.

$300 for 1 Story Post on the account mentioned.
Profile page post $600 for 24Hrs
Lifetime page post - $2500

UnAcceptable content: scams, drugs, porn, LBGT

Will Gary V see my post?


He follows the account so he should.

What type of content did you need posted?

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He follows 4,000+ people so not likely unless he’s very recently liked some posts.


I looked at the account and I haven’t seen any posts actually liked by Gary Vee, he follows over 4,000 accounts as well so it would be hard to post something he would actually see, he has the potential to be exposed by thousands of posts a day, and I bet he doesn’t spend a huge amount of time on IG anyways


I just wanted to sell him a gary v sucks tshirt :disappointed_relieved:lol

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You can buy the account and target all your followers. Narrow the audience down to the USA and then hope he sees it.


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Makes sense :smile:


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Account ? I am interested

Please send the details.

Please send page details, thanks

What’s the account?

Send details

Please send details

Account pls

Account please

Please pm username! Thank you