Has anyone used’s services? Trying to see if their services are actually legit. Specifically looking at the active follower severice to help with engagement.

Never heard of it. Just took a look though, and it seems to me its just a regular botting service. They don’t differ asides from prices. I’d strongly advise against using any of these sorts of services as the followers always end up dropping.

Just clarified the topic. Really just looking at the active follower service as a way to boost engagement in the short term. Not worried about the long term holding of the followers as much.

Quite honestly, I just took a look at the IG Verification section of their website, and it screams scam to me.

They say they offer blue tick verification and “the prices range from $99 to $125.” I genuinely doubt that they would provide such a service at a price like that, and it makes me doubt the rest of their entire site.

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