Skyrocket your Cold Email conversions if you are a SEO/Digital Marketing Agency

Email Marketing is one the highest ROI method of marketing, we have all heard the phrases like the “Money is in the list”.

So today I am going to reveal my secret I use to get 40-60% open rate and we’ll over 15-25% response rate over cold emails. Let me tell you this trick works really well for SEO/Digital Marketing Agencies but I believe this approach can be used for other Niches as well.

So the secret lies in Data Scraping, the open rate and response rate will directly depend on what sort of data do you have. Now a lot of people use data scraped from Google Maps for email marketing but the problem with that is you never know if that business is still working or closed during COVID.

Now what if I tell you there is a way you can target the businesses which spent money on SEO/Digital Marketing this month, this week or even today, wouldn’t that be a gold mine of valuable data.

So here comes the juicy part, I am gonna tell this story from my perspective so it will be the told from 1st person perspective. So, the vast majority of data I scrape is from the websites which are like really famous for offering paid guest posts but which do a very shitty job and I know they are hurting clients more than they are helping them, I contact 10-20 guest post sellers per week on Facebook, Blackhatworld and other websites which offer these services.

Then I ask the sellers for list of websites they can get me Backlinks from, one look at those websites and I see they are super shady PBN with 100s of links crammed together just to make a quick buck at the expense of clients who think they are getting genuine backlinks, then I scrape these websites for businesses which are mentioned linked on them, now scraping these means I get details of all the businesses which are already spending money on SEO, Digital Marketing Services, then I refine this data and contact them by letting them know the bad effects these PBNs will have on their websites and how their backlink provider is placing their website on shitty PBNs which also link out to Gambling, Casino, Pharmacy related websites.

Then it’s just a matter of time before I let them know how they can rectify the mistakes they have made and pitch the genuine SEO services they can use.

Some of you may think it’s unethical but i see it as Salvation, a lot of clients have come back to thank me bcoz they do get to know at the end how they were one Backlink away from getting penalized by Google. So that’s it guys, i have spilled the beans. Oh and by the way I also offer a lead generation service using exact same technique so if you don’t want to get ur hands dirty and let me handle all this you can opt in for that, the service costs $499 and I offer upto 20 paid clients per month, I have 5 open slots for this month if you are interested in something like this.