Snapchat Discover Show with 200k Active Subscribers + $1m Total Earnings Since Jan 2023

Hi there!

I am considering selling 1x of my original Snap Discover shows, which currently has 190k subscribers and has generated $1 million gross revenue in the past year.

The show is a news/gossip show, which takes a couple of hours to film using both pre-existing clips and a female host.

The reason for potentially selling the show is that I am re-focussing my efforts into another area of the business. However, I am not desperate to sell the show and I will only discuss details with serious potential buyers.

A couple of revenue screenshots for proof of earnings below. Show is 50/50 split with Snap.

Serious buyers feel free to PM me :slight_smile:



I can confirm this guy is a lowkey boss


Appreciate you bro :pray:



Let me know current offer

Taking offers in my PMs. Feel free to reach out!

Go ahead and please share the price nd details

PMed! :white_check_mark:

Check PMs, very interested

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PMed! :white_check_mark:

Is this still the case or did Snap lower your rate to 30%? Thx

Still 50% :slight_smile:

We have never any conversations about being put on a lower split, even with the recent purge a couple weeks ago. Infact, we actually just had new Discover shows approved + Snap star monetisation too.

Hi, I PM’d you because I have a few questions about how Discover works and a possible deal between us ! Have a nice day