Snapchat Gold Star Verification

Snapchat Gold Star Verification:
Price: $1500 + fees

Verification notes:

I’ve successfully verified multiple accounts offsite & on-site

This is being done through my legitimate snap partnership–I do NOT need any kind of login to your account.

Tat: anywhere between 1 day-2 weeks, usually within 1-2 weeks MAX


** What categories can you currently submit?

Influencers, athletes, and entertainment figures. Please do NOT send me fake musicians or ANYONE with egregiously paid PR.

I reserve the right to not respond to your PM if it clearly violates this framework.

I fall into one of the aforementioned categories, what are your requirements?

Influencers: 500k+ on some social media platform (verified), active as a snapchat public profile

Athletes: I will ONLY submit D1/Pro athletes from NA. If you’re D1, you MUST be a large name with press or a strong social media following.

Entertainment: Case by case–I’ll send in actors or large artists

What types of profiles will you submit?

I will not submit anyone without a public profile.

Do I need to meet an engagement quota?

Yes, I will not submit anyone who has under 10k Snapchat subscribers (unless you’re Kanye West). The requisite notoriety for submission increases as the number of subscribers your account has goes down.


Vouch! Legit seller, does what he says. And pretty sure he has the cheapest prices for this service on swapd


GLWS :100:
DOPE PRICING :ok_hand:

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Amazing Pricing, GLWS :rocket:

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Still available?

yes–now doing username claims as well :slight_smile:

Hey bro, my snap username is DJ_Scher, Public creator account, and my IG is DJScher 1.1M + verified and my twitter is DJ_Scher 190K+ verified.

Can we get me verified?


Can you do username swaps with a rep?
Also do you have a price range for snapchat username claims?
What is your current tat for snap verif? When is the last time you have verified someone?

  1. I don’t believe so
  2. PM me
  3. Current TAT is around 1 week–my success rate has been rather high recently and I have onsite vouches. I’m 1/1 onsite and am starting new tickets ATM :slight_smile:

maybe try this guy :man_shrugging: @5style

I’ve tried, he couldn’t help with the username claim I needed unfortunately…


Discontinuing username claims fo rnow :slight_smile:

Still offering?

I have a very strong case PM